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Baby Negless’ Library Updates

Baby Negless’ Library Updates

Hi all, since we just sent out our request to fill up Baby Boy's new library it came to my attention that we may want to publish what books we have received so far. That way we don't get duplicates. So far we're doing good! You can view/download the current list at...

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Rock Climbing Fall Trip 2016

A few week's ago at the end of October, our rock climbing groups made our semi-annual trip down to Jasper, Arkansas to hang in the great outdoors. We visited just a few weeks before the leaves started changing color. We typically try to hit the fall foliage peak, but...

“Yeti’s Revenge” (White Chicken Chili)

This recipe was a joint effort put forth by my husband, I, and some friends of ours a year ago for a church chili supper. We were really... really... pleased with how it turned out. Last week I made another big batch of it and we joyfully ate it all week alongside...

How to Eat Clean the Easy Way

Every once in a while I like to google “clean eating meal plans” in hopes of finding a delicious solution I can magically eat and enjoy without gaining pudge. Today the first thing that popped up was a Buzzfeed article (read it here). I love Buzzfeed, so I clicked on the article in haste and began to read. Yes, mhmm, okay, sounds good… until they said two weeks of food for $350.00! That’s ridiculous. I’m not sure where they were shopping but my husband and I barely spend that on a month’s food. That aside I continued reading thinking I could probably save being thrifty. The next thing that took me back was the sheer diversity of every day’s meal. Oh my gosh, the work that would have to go into every breakfast, lunch, snack, etc. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

25 Fun Things To Do When the Weather Warms Up

Outdoor Activities For Spring Take A Neighborhood Walk Go fly a kite Bike Riding Play Frisbee golf Hunt for flowers in a nearby park and take pictures. Create a backyard scavenger hunt Build a teepee campfire and roast s’mores Read a book in the sun Visit the zoo Wash...

Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is the recipe my mom always used to make stuffed bell peppers. I’ve tried several recipes for peppers, but none ever come out as good as this one! My husband loves it and it’s great left over.

Zesty Tuna Salad

If you are looking for an easy, healthy go to lunch you might give this a go. That is of course if you like tuna fish. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of the pink stuff so if you are in the same boat try Albacore tuna. It's less fishy tasting. You can either go...

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